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Some of our Recent Projects


Cloud Migration Justification

A large enterprise client wanted to explore a financial justification for moving their LOB applications from an on-premise implementation to the cloud over the course of 5 years .  S2O Group led the effort between the client and the cloud vendor to create a compelling business value proposition using our Balanced Economic Assessment Model (BEAM).   The success of this effort led to a 5 year deal between the client and cloud vendor based on an IRR of 45% and a operational cost savings of 18%.

Technology Evaluation for Big Data Investment

A marketing division was looking to better personalize their customer relationships with an investment in a big data solution.  Although the business parameters strongly supported the investment, they had some doubts about the viability of the technology solution.  S2O Group conducted a 10 week technology assessment of the big data technologies and the ability of the selected company to operate an enterprise-class solution in a production cloud environment.  The resulting recommendations from our study led to finalizing the investment for a 4 year development effort.